Teacher Training

15 - 9 -2005
Royal Nepal Academy
Nepal Association of Fine Arts (NAFA)
Office Sita Bhawan
Tel: 44-11729 / 4430251

Khula Dhoka

"Traditional dioor"
  1. To prepare the visit
  • What suggests you: "The unexpected answer" of Rene Magritte?
  • What does "door " mean to you?
  • Open - Close concept
  • Reading poems/ looking doors of the world ….
  • .A unique value for Nepal: the wonderful doors!!! How to let it know? Let's collect them and send them on the website: http://www.wcrp.be"100 doors" yolande.iliano@wcrp.be
  • Writing activities - poem/ text
  • Sharing: reading/ poem book/ collective work of art collage/ send on the website
  • What is the goal of the ART?
  2. At the museum  
  • Discovering of some paintings
  • Comparing with other works from abroad … / from today, from the past
  • Are some works suggesting you the symbol of the door? Why?
  • We are all unique, with different background, culture, religion, feelings… Find out the work of arts YOU prefer and share it with a partner.
  • For a better communication, a better knowledge of yourself,
    of the other: explain the group the choice of your partner.
  3. In workshop, on a real door, with an unknown partner
  • Observe the characteristic of the door
  • Share the territory of the door with your partner, in harmony
  • Paint and realise a common work of art
Khula Dhoka Coordinator for Nepal: Jonathan jonathanedou@hotmail.com Tel: 98510 87227
Pedagogy Medin Lamichhane medin_happyhouse@wlink.com.np

Note: if you want to join this project, please contact Jonathon.