Dear Sir,

In January 2006, the Siddhartha Art Gallery will be launching a special community art project that will involve people artists, students and people from different social backgrounds. The primary aim of this project is to initiate dialogue between different social groups and to break through the mental barriers of mistrust and ignorance that exists between them. The project is conceived to create an atmosphere of peace, harmony and understanding though physical and visual dialogue. This project has already been implemented in Belgium in October 2004 for students under the banner of The 100 Doors Project. Over a hundred international students participated in this program where real doors were provided at the workshop.The door was interpreted as a physical geographical territory for these students to share and to remove pre-conceived ideas and notions through dialogue. The final artworks were exhibited at the Musées Royaux des Beaux Arts de Belgique with the participation of:

Charline Mahy, eminent Belgian artist
Wolu Culture
World Conference for Religion and Peace WCRP
Fonds Parvati
Bibliothèque publique locale de Woluwé St. Lambert
Françoise Tack Photographe
Culture and Democracy
Maison Poesie Enfance

The Doors Project has been modified for Nepal after many discussions and meetings between Siddhartha Art Gallery, the organizers of the 100 Doors Project in Belgium and Jonathan Edou from Lincoln School who has been appointed Coordinator of the program for students. The 100 Doors concept was modified to 108 Doors, taking into account the symbolism associated with the number 108 in Nepal.

The Siddhartha Art Gallery will run a parallel program for artists, poets and disparate social groups. All research literature and visuals will be shared with the students, so that the criteria of stimuli, remains constant for both groups. Though the workshops will conducted at separate venues - the final exhibition of the 108 doors will be exhibited in one venue at the Nepal Art Council Gallery in May 2006.The entire doors project will be filmed as a documentary.

Dr. Sanjeev Upreti from the department of English Literature, Tribhuvan University has been appointed Coordinator for the eminent Nepali writers and poets group. A special Commitee will be formed to select the poems and most outstanding art doors of both groups .The selected works will be compiled into a special publication. As with its earlier project Shanti ko Sapna- An Art for Hope Project……ten poems will be composed as songs and a special CD released for the occasion.

A selected number of doors and poems will be printed on flex banners so that the exhibition can be easily transported to different venues. It is hoped that doors can be sold or auctioned and the monies donated to charity. In the event there are no sales, the doors will be donated to various organizations and institutions so that they can be installed as public art works.

A community art project of this scale needs your active support and guidance. We believe that art has no boundaries and is an inspirational medium to bring disparate communities together. We trust that we will receive your generous sponsorship to help us bring this project into fruition and completion.

Yours Sincerely,

Sangeeta Thapa
Director/Art Curator Siddharth Art Gallery

Dr.Sanjeev Upreti
Lecturer Dept.English Tribhuvan University

Johnathan Edou
Coordinator Student's Wing


1.January 2006-
Distribution of sponsorship letters
Powerpoint presentation on doors
Hire of computer, projector, mike and chairs
Poetry reading/reference points and introduction to the project its aims
Serving of refreshments

2.February 2006
Arrange sponsorship for
Collection of Old Doors -108 pieces
Paints and Palettes

3.March 2006
Hire of workshop and storage venue.Workshop water/coffee/snacks 3 days
for 60 persons (30 doors) plus poets, writers, journalists, musicians, observers and

Hire of workshop and storage venue.Workshop water/coffee/snacks 3 days
for 156 students (78 doors) plus poets, writers, journalists, musicians, observers and

4.April 2006
Printing of selected poems and doors into 30 flex banners
Design and printing of The 108 Doors Project Catalogue
Design and printing of 1500 inviation cards, publicity posters in flex and paper
Renumeration to ten artists for composing of songs
Production of CD's

5.May 2006
Distribution of invitation cards and postering
Hire of the Art Council Venue for two weeks
Transport and installation of the 108 Doors
Hire of mike, sound system, chairs and helpers
Arranging of special tables and helpers to sell the Cd's and catalogues
Serving of refreshments for the opening of the exhibition 200 pax
Removal and transport of the 108 doors.